We serve clients in select industries and sectors where we possess deep industry knowledge, extensive relationships and substantial transaction experience.
Our capabilities and insights reflect years of industry specialization as investment bankers at major Wall Street firms and as operating executives of leading companies in our focus industries. This combination of industry specific transactional experience and operational expertise enhances the quality and actionability of our advice and execution.
Many companies in our focus industries are navigating complex challenges and opportunities resulting from shifting consumer preferences, digital disintermediation and evolving public policy priorities. Our industry knowledge and experience enables us to create and implement client specific, strategic and financial solutions tailored to meet the unique objectives of each client and engagement.


The energy and utility industries are undergoing exciting transformations. Fossil fuels, built up over billions of years, are reaching their limits in regard to their environmental impact. Sustainable, clean technologies are making up the shortfall, and will supply the majority of mankind’s needs in the coming decades. Further, regulatory changes have allowed consumers to choose what energy they buy, and from whom.


Our team of investment bankers averages over a decade of experience, and has executed over 35 transactions at Coady Diemar. Multiple members of our team have been covering cleantech since 1999.


We are active in all types of growing energy and environmentally focused companies, including solar, wind, hydrogen, energy efficiency / green buildings, energy storage, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and ride sharing, geothermal, biomass, biofuels, smart grid, recycling, as well as consumer-facing supply solutions.



This sector is undergoing substantial change, growth, and regulatory scrutiny. Payors and providers are seeking additional scale, implementing economies and utilizing technology to improve service and margins.


We have represented a number of innovative healthcare information and technology service companies in mergers & acquisitions and private capital transactions.



Industrial companies are experiencing disruption on several fronts. Trade policy, supply chain security, and advanced manufacturing technology are all factors driving investment, growth, and change.  

Our dedicated team comprises experienced investment bankers and industry operating executives who have worked in this segment for many years. We have substantial industry relationships and understand the strategic attributes and unique financial requirements of this industry.



Business services and software is among the largest areas of private equity and venture capital investment. The outlook in the sector continues to be very strong, as the markets involved represent an ever-increasing share of the global economy.



We have significant experience and expertise advising companies in this sector.


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